Deborah Zorkin


Deborah Giunio-Zorkin - Mediation and Conflict Resolution 


Deborah has been actively mediating  since 2000. She draws on her 20 years of business and management experience for her dispute resolution practice. Her practical experience combined with her formal training  from her Masters Degree in Conflict Analysis and Management and ongoing learning in the field of dispute resolution have been consolidated into a multi faceted practice of conflict management.


Conflicts arising from the normal course of business whether it is real estate , insurance or a contractor with a client, have similar dynamics. Family business or issues rising from partnerships, wills and estates   again have similar dynamics. Experience in these areas enable Deborah to assist the parties in realizing what the real issues are and helps the parties design an outcome that is acceptable to all.


Deborah is a senior mediator with the small claims court and she mediates Rule 7.2, 7.3, and 7.4 mediations.  She has substantial experience with boards and board development and has integrated this into her practice.  Her practice has expanded and evolved into all areas of organization and relationship dispute resolution.


Deborah has designed and teaches a course in conflict resolution processes,  up at the Vancouver Island University.  She has also co-developed and presented professional development workshops  throughout BC.


Mediation and Conflict Resolution.  Serving Nanaimo BC, and all Vancouver Island

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